In a nutshell:

You do not yet have an extensive address list of your own and are looking for possible supporters and sponsors for your project. We can select those sponsors from the entire Fundraiso database and deliver them to you as an Excel spreadsheet that would be suitable for your project. The addresses are prioritised according to relevance, starting with the top addresses. For each address it is listed how to contact them (website, by post or email/phone).

Research assignment

for small projects from

$ 490

  • Price depending on size & scope of the project.
  • Delivered within 5-7 working days as Excel.
  • Guaranteed confidential.
We identify the relevant funders for your project and compile them in an Excel document, ordered by priority starting with the top addresses.
Based on experience, trade register information and information from websites.
You will receive guidelines for the correct preparation of applications.
It is listed for each entry how the application should be made (post, email etc.)
The order comes into effect provided that relevant institutions have been identified.
The research always takes into account Swiss foundations, foundations in Liechtenstein, public funds, sponsoring contacts and German foundations.

NOTE: Do you want to search independently in our database for sponsorship contacts, funding funds (from municipalities, cantons and the federal government) as well as foundations in Germany & Liechtenstein that also support projects in Switzerland? Then find out about our premium offer.