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Registered name „Swisslos-Fonds Kanton Zug”

Swisslos Fund Canton Zug




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Swisslos-Fonds Kanton Zug Sicherheitsdirektion Postfach Bahnhofstrasse 12 CH-6301 Zug


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EducationResearch and scienceHealthcareCulture and artAgricultureEnvironment & nature protectionSocial

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Lottery Fund monies can only be used for charitable, non-profit and cultural purposes. Contributions are only paid to projects with a direct link to the canton of Zug or to projects of national importance (Section 27bis Lottery Act). The relevant management department decides on contributions below CHF 10,000, and the government council usually decides on higher contributions. Applications can be submitted in the following areas: culture, education, social affairs, youth development, youth protection, health, health protection / promotion, prevention, vocational training, tourism, research, agriculture, the environment, nature, landscape, local recreation, architecture and landscape architecture. Other charitable projects can also be considered. Please send your application to the correct office. Details on the website.