Public fund
Registered name „Swisslos-Fonds Kanton Aargau”

Swisslos Fund Canton Aargau




The main language for communication is German
062 835 24 74


Swisslos-Fonds Kanton Aargau Departement Finanzen und Ressourcen Abteilung Finanzen Tellistrasse 67 CH-5001 Aarau


Subject Areas

EducationDevelopment aidResearch and scienceHealthcareEnvironment & nature protectionSocial

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Funding of non-profit and charitable projects of supraregional, cantonal or national importance, unless there is a legal obligation. Requests can be in the following Areas to be submitted:

  • Culture (art, theater, film, music, literature, preservation of monuments, archeology)
  • Youth and education
  • Education and Research
  • Environment and development aid (nature, environment and landscape; development cooperation and humanitarian aid)
  • Social affairs (social welfare)
  • Health
  • other charitable projects

Applications for which the competent department is known must be submitted directly to the relevant department or the State Chancellery. Otherwise, the address of the Finance and Resources Department should be used.