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Registered name „Stiftung JOBEMA für Jugendliche und junge Erwachsene”

JOBEMA Foundation for young people and young adults


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Stiftung JOBEMA für Jugendliche und junge Erwachsene Gubelstrasse 24 CH-6300 Zug


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Charitable foundation

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The purpose of the foundation is to strengthen adolescents and young adults in critical situations and thereby improve their living situation in two directions in particular: on the one hand, to provide them with accompanying and support services or mentoring programs, and on the other hand to keep them away from substances that are harmful to their health. Among the substances that are harmful to health, the focus is on stimulating substances. Stimulant substances are considered as a generic term. However, the focus of the foundation's activities in this area should be expressly focused on cocaine, knowing that cocaine users often take other substances (polytoxicomania). This means that other substances - such as sedatives and hallucinogens - are excluded from the foundation's activities if they are the main focus. If, in the course of the foundation's activities, substances with a cocaine-like effect can be produced in synthetic form and thus replace the extraction of the drug from the leaves of the coca bush as a serious social problem, the foundation is required to adapt and supplement its orientation and effectiveness accordingly. In fulfilling the purpose of the foundation, the focus is on the following target groups: Adolescents and young adults in general (drug prevention); care leavers; Adolescents and young adults with an addictive disorder (stimulant substances); Adolescents and young adults of parents with an addiction disorder; Adolescents and young adults of parents with a mental illness. The foundation wants to support plans, works and projects that can be socially, culturally, educationally, scientifically, medically and therapeutically oriented and that are suitable for the best possible attainment of the foundation's purpose according to the current state of research, technology and tried and tested practice. The Foundation can also support, initiate and push projects that have a pilot character and break new ground. The foundation can carry out plans, works and projects itself. The foundation can carry out all activities that are conducive to the achievement of the foundation's purpose. The purpose of the foundation is achieved in particular through appropriate financing, distributions and grants. The foundation directs its support in the sense of project grants. Contributions to operating costs are excluded. For example, the foundation can make project contributions and thereby promote scientific or practice-oriented projects, finance and publish studies and publications in part or in full, set up chairs or finance them in whole or in part, promote postdoc and academic activities and work, support symposia and events or carry them out itself, Award prizes to personalities, institutions and organizations, provide infrastructure, set up programs, initiate networking, establish groups of relatives or support projects for comparable projects financially and / or organizationally and align contributions to natural persons. The Foundation can favor institutions that, through their activities, expressly practice treating addicts with dignity and respect - for example, contact points and soup kitchens. It can initiate, promote and carry out efforts and events in the areas of training, teaching and research and develop all other activities that serve the purpose of the foundation. The foundation pursues charitable purposes and supports scientific and practice-oriented projects. It complements existing public facilities. The foundation develops its effectiveness in Switzerland. Contributions for projects abroad are only permitted in justified exceptional cases, namely when the project in question is relevant to Switzerland or cannot be carried out in Switzerland itself or is carried out abroad for understandable reasons. The exceptional case must be documented accordingly and critically. The foundation is politically and denominationally neutral. The foundation does not pursue any commercial purposes and does not seek any profit. The foundation is subject to the federal supervisory authority for foundations (Federal Department of the Interior).