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NEW FOUNDATIONS is a CIO founded in 2015 in the United Kingdom. The headquarters are located in Cambridge GB. It's active in the areas of healthcare, children and adolescents, culture and art and others. Read the full mission.


The main language for communication is English


15 Gilmerton Court Trumpington Cambridge CB2 9HQ

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HealthcareChildren and adolescentsCulture and artCoursesHumanitarian & disaster reliefAnimal welfareSocialEventsNon-profit & charitablePoverty

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New Foundations is a pioneering christian mission using innovative training to deliver grass roots evidenced-based medicine to marginalised communities in the volatile Niger Delta. The charity was changed from Trust ( est. 2003 Reg: 1100698) to a CIO in 2015, hence the single set of current accounts pertaining to the new charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) .

Governing document

CIO - Association Registered 07 Apr 2015 as amended on 13 Aug 2019

Charitable objects

The objects of the CIO are:3.1.1 for the public benefit, the relief of sickness and advancement of health inthe Niger Delta in particular, but not exclusively, by providing primaryhealth care programs, training to local health care workers and/oraccess to medical treatment;3.1.2 the prevention and relief of poverty for the public benefit in the NigerDelta in particular, but not exclusively, by: providing and/or maintaining power generation and/or powersupply infrastructure and/or equipment for the supply ofpower to health, education, community facilities, businessesand/or domestic dwellings in the Niger Delta; and/or3.1.2.2 promoting agricultural and/or horticultural projects, activitiesassociated with food production, animal husbandry andrelated activities;3.1.3 providing grants, loans and/or other forms of financial assistance and/oritems, facilities and/or services in each case to individuals in need livingin the Niger Delta including, without limitation, to employees of the CIOand/or their dependants;3.1.4 the advancement of education for the public benefit by the provision ofone or more schools for children living in the Niger Delta; and3.1.5 to develop the capacity and skills of the socially and/or economicallydisadvantaged communities in the Niger Delta in such way that they arebetter able to identify and help meet their needs and to participate morefully in society,all in accordance with Christian principles; and3.1.6 to promote the Christian faith in particular, but not exclusively by,providing education, healthcare and practical and financial assistance tosocially and/or economically disadvantaged communities in the NigerDelta.