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Registered name „Kulturförderung Kanton Wallis”

Cultural funding from the Canton of Valais




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Dienststelle für Kultur Av. de Pratifori 18 CH-1950 Sion


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The canton of Valais wants to promote a lively and diverse culture as an essential element of cantonal development. That is why it creates favorable conditions for artistic creation and its promotion, for the development of cultural skills, for access to productions and cultural assets, for the protection and perception of cultural assets. In this context, priority is given to the emergence, development and promotion of professional artistic creation in its various forms, as well as the access of the public to these productions. As part of cultural funding, support contributions can be made in the following areas: literature, visual art, design and architecture, music, stage arts, film and video, natural sciences and humanities, inter- and pluridisciplinary projects, cultural mediation and funding, artist studios, professionalization in the field Cultural management, cultural projects of tourist interest. By supporting cultural activities in schools and training centers in the field of culture (conservatories, theater and other art schools), the canton of Valais promotes the practice of various artistic forms of expression and a fruitful dialogue between art, artists and the population.