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Registered name „Kulturförderung Kanton Glarus”

Cultural funding from the Canton of Glarus




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Fachstelle Kulturförderung Departement Bildung und Kultur Gerichtshausstrasse 25 CH-8750 Glarus


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The following financial means are available for the promotion of culture: Income from the intercantonal state lottery and the number lottery as well as the Hans Streiff Foundation. Within the legal provisions and the financial framework, cultural life in the canton of Glarus is promoted according to a wide range of aspects: a) Contributions to scientific work b) Contributions to Glarus art in the fields of literature, music, theater, dance, visual arts, photography, film , Video c) Contributions to cultural institutions d) Contributions to important cultural events e) Contributions to efforts to maintain dialect and customs f) Contributions to the artistic furnishing of public buildings g) Purchase and preservation of valuable Glarus cultural assets h) Granting of work grants for Realization of certain cultural projects i) Awarding of the Glarus Culture Prize to honor people or institutions who have made a contribution to the cultural life of the canton j) Awarding of promotional awards