Public fund
Registered name „Kulturförderung Kanton Basel-Stadt”

Cultural funding from the canton of Basel-Stadt




The main language for communication is German
+41 61 267 84 06


Präsidialdepartement des Kantons Basel-Stadt Abteilung Kultur Münzgasse 16 CH-4001 Basel


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EducationResearch and scienceCulture and art

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The Basel-Stadt Culture Department provides impetus for safeguarding and developing the quality of the city's cultural offerings. A diverse and lively culture increases the quality of life and acts as a driving force in society. The culture department supports cultural institutions, projects and freelance artists and cultural workers. It advocates the creation of favorable framework conditions for the development, preservation, research, collection and communication of professional culture. On this website you will find an overview of the areas of responsibility and activities of the Culture Department, information on the cultural-political mandate and relevant information on the sector-specific funding conditions for applicants. The pictures take you behind the scenes of the city's cultural scenes. They are not intended to be illustrative of the respective content.