Charity / Register of Commerce of Switzerland
Registered name „Fondazione terra d'Insubria”

Land of Insubria Foundation


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The main language for communication is Italian


Fondazione terra d'Insubria c/o Avv. Pietro Crespi Viale Officina 6 CH-6500 Bellinzona


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Charitable foundation

Supervisor Authority

Ostschweizer BVG- und Stiftungsaufsicht, in St. Gallen

Subject Areas

Culture and artScholarshipsResearch and scienceEducationCultural property & monument preservation

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Acquire works of art and documentation of artistic and cultural interest and operate for their enhancement, making them accessible, in collaboration with museums and archives, to the general public and to scholars of the subject in particular; tend, in principle, in the aforementioned acquisition, to the formation of nuclei of works of art (especially by the artists Filippo Franzoni and Massimo Cavalli) and of documentation of artistic and cultural interest particularly significant for the understanding of events concerning the Canton Ticino o artists and art scholars linked to the Canton of Ticino, operating, if necessary, exchanges, sales or purchases; promote studies and publications relevant to the knowledge of the works belonging to the Foundation, with the awarding of scholarships and contributions or with the full assumption of the costs involved; operate to bring its activity to the attention of the public, in general, and of the scholars of the subject, in particular.