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Registered name „Fondazione Marguerite Arp-Hagenbach, Ronco dei Fiori”

Marguerite Arp-Hagenbach Foundation, Ronco dei Fiori


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Fondazione Marguerite Arp-Hagenbach, Ronco dei Fiori Via alle Vigne 44 CH-6600 Solduno


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Charitable foundation

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Vigilanza sulle fondazioni e LPP della Svizzera orientale (CH-501.9.015.066-2), in Muralto

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Environment & nature protectionEventsCulture and artScholarshipsResearch and scienceCultural property & monument preservation

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The conservation, care and classification of the works of art by Jean Arp, Sophie Taeuber-Arp and the private collection of Marguerite Arp, at the Ronco dei Fiori property in Locarno-Solduno; any subsequent revaluation through the creation of a museum; the conservation and care of works, existing libraries in Basel and Locarno, manuscripts and correspondence; the publication and correct dissemination of texts, manuscripts and correspondence by Jean Arp, Sophie Taeuber-Arp and Marguerite Arp; the maintenance and care of the real estate property called "Ronco dei Fiori" in Locarno-Solduno, part. nri. 2796, 3771 and 3929, to be preserved in memory of Jean Arp and Marguerite Arp-Hagenbach; the assignment of scholarships to young sculptors, painters, scholars of art history or literature, to be chosen from time to time by the Foundation Board; scholarships consisting of a free stay for one or two young people in the property called Ronco dei Fiori, for a minimum period of one year, starting from the death of the foundress; the care and maintenance of the founder, her natural life during her life, with the current standard of living and assistance; the foundation is in the public interest and does not pursue profit or commercial purposes. The foundation is authorized to purchase or exchange works of art in order to complete or give greater organicity to the collection: it is authorized to sell works of art only in the event that the achievement of the foundation's aims requires it.