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Registered name „Fondazione Fidinam”

Fidinam Foundation


Between 10 Million and 50 Million
Main activity is supporting

Fidinam Foundation is a Charitable foundation founded in 2008 in Switzerland. The headquarters are located in Lugano CH. It supports projects in the areas of events, research and science, healthcare and others. Read the full mission.


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The main language for communication is Italian
0041 91 973 17 31


Fondazione Fidinam c/o Fidinam SA Via Maggio 1 CH-6900 Lugano

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Legal Form

Charitable foundation

Supervisor Authority

Dipartimento dell'Interno, Berna

Subject Areas

EventsResearch and scienceHealthcareEducationPovertyNon-profit & charitableCultural property & monument preservation

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The Foundation does not pursue any profit. In particular, the Foundation aims to assist needy residents in the Canton of Ticino and, subsidiaryly, in other regions of Switzerland or abroad, directly or through contributions to non-profit entities. Contribute to research in the medical sector and to the prevention and treatment of diseases, preferably operating in the Canton of Ticino. Support and promote the economic and scientific development of Canton Ticino and, subsidiaryly, in other regions of Switzerland or abroad, directly or indirectly by subsidizing private and public bodies and initiatives in general which carry out activities in this area; for this purpose, the foundation can promote or support companies that disseminate new scientific, technological, organizational and productive knowledge in the Canton of Ticino; support the cultural, historical and architectural heritage of the Canton of Ticino, by promoting and subsidizing, for example, events, buildings and renovations. Support and disseminate the capitalist system of wealth production, adopting measures aimed at developing knowledge of the market economy, through courses, seminars, conferences, granting of scholarships, support for cultural and/or scientific publications and similar initiatives . Any revenues deriving from these activities will be used, after covering the relative costs, exclusively for the support of the aforementioned purposes. The subjects benefiting from the contributions must be subjects exempt from taxes pursuant to art. 56 LIFDs.