Charity / Register of Commerce of Switzerland
Registered name „Fondation Vareille”

Vareille Foundation


Between 50 Million and 100 Million
Main activity is supporting


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The main language for communication is German


Fondation Vareille c/o CMS von Erlach Partners AG Räffelstrasse 26 CH-8045 Zürich


Legal Form

Charitable foundation

Supervisor Authority

Eidg. Departement des Innern, in Bern

Subject Areas

Disabled peopleEducationFamilyResearch and scienceHealthcareChildren and adolescentsCulture and artCoursesEnvironment & nature protectionSocialMusic

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The foundation's assets, insofar as they do not serve the continued existence of the foundation, are to be used for charitable purposes. In this context, the foundation primarily promotes: a) the integration of people suffering from poverty and social exclusion (so-called "4th world") by supporting them to regain their ability to work (including the granting of microcredits and the like), the fight against impoverishment, integration into society through long-term employment in a decent job; b) the discovery and promotion of music and musical education for underprivileged children; c) granting and / or facilitating access to education and training opportunities for disadvantaged people. In addition, the foundation can also pursue the following purposes: a) charitable purposes by supporting all endeavors that serve the people's welfare in material, intellectual or moral areas; b) cultural and artistic purposes through the support of individuals and institutions who are particularly distinguished and deserve in the field of culture and art, with music, painting, literature, architecture and cultural property protection (heritage protection) in the foreground; c) Charitable and social purposes through the support of needy or socially endangered persons, persecuted or prisoners for religious, racial or political reasons, mentally or physically handicapped and chronically ill families with many children, and all measures that serve to provide for old age; d) Educational and educational purposes through the support or further training of capable candidates from less well-off circles through the granting of scholarships and support, the retraining and reintegration of the unemployed, and all measures that serve the development of moral, mental and physical abilities and the formation of the overall personality e) Scientific purposes through the support of individuals and institutions that have set themselves the goal of research in the field of natural and human sciences as well as in the field of medicine. The foundation can also delegate the fulfillment of its purpose to other organizations, foundations, institutes and relief organizations in Germany and abroad, providing the necessary amounts. The foundation can set up and operate such organizations, institutes and aid organizations at home and abroad. The foundation does not pursue profit-making or self-help purposes. She does not seek profit.