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Registered name „Fondation Topaze”

Topaz Foundation


Main activity is supporting

Topaz Foundation is a Charitable foundation founded in 2020 in Switzerland. The headquarters are located in Genève CH. It supports projects in the areas of education, research and science, children and adolescents and others. Read the full mission.


The main language for communication is French
0041 79 420 05 43


Fondation Topaze c/o Etude de Me Nathalie Eckert-Loosli, notaire Rue du Général-Dufour 11 CH-1204 Genève

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Legal Form

Charitable foundation

Supervisor Authority

Département fédéral de l'intérieur (DFI)

Subject Areas

EducationResearch and scienceChildren and adolescentsSocialHealthcareWomenSeniorsCultural property & monument preservation

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provide material support to philanthropic, charitable and public utility works, in the following forms: one-off financial assistance for the realization of a lasting work intended to improve the lot of destitute or disadvantaged people, in particular women, children, old people, invalids, such as the construction, development or management of schools, orphanages, health centers, hospices for the elderly, village or urban infrastructure, and the granting of small loans agricultural or craft; ad hoc financial assistance to victims of serious illnesses and severe disabilities in a very precarious situation; financial aid to medical science intended to promote the progress of research by carrying out a project defined in the perspective of a concrete and measurable result in the short or medium term with a view to combating diseases or improving the lot of patients suffering from injuries or infirmities; ad hoc financial assistance to philanthropic institutions, of general interest, of public utility and of promotion or defense of values and traditions in accordance with the fundamental principles of human rights (solidarity, equality, freedom of conscience, etc.); aid in the renovation and preservation of universally recognized historical and architectural heritage elements, both in Switzerland and abroad; ad hoc financial assistance to nature and animal protection institutions; granting of scholarships for deserving schoolchildren, college students or students who do not have sufficient resources to complete their training, with a view to acquiring the knowledge enabling them to exercise a professional activity likely to contribute to economic development and social responsibility of their country of origin (cf. deed of foundation for complete purpose).