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Registered name „Bundes-Exzellenz-Stipendien für ausländische Forschende und Kunstschaffende”

Federal Excellence Scholarships for foreign researchers and artists


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Staatssekretariat für Bildung, Forschung und Innovation SBFI Einsteinstrasse 2 CH-3005 Bern


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Postgraduate researchers from all faculties (with at least a master’s degree) who are planning a research stay, doctoral or post-doctoral training in Switzerland can apply for a research grant. Research grants are possible at all Swiss universities and technical colleges as well as at the two federal technical universities and the four research institutes. Only candidates who are supported by an academic supervisor at the university in Switzerland are valid. Art students at master’s level who are planning their first master’s course in Switzerland can apply for an art scholarship. Art scholarships are possible at all Swiss conservatories and art universities. This scholarship offer is valid for a limited number of countries.